A Poem About Community

In a time of global uncertainty and the fragmentation of humanity, a take on what community means.

By definition community is both a noun and a verb. Often, community is in fact a feeling that cannot be so easily delineated.

Community is those who raised you and it is the absence of those who didn’t.

As a woman, community is other women and the lessons you learned from them. Lessons you continue to learn from them. Community is a fight for equality.

Community is lecturers and academics. Community is authors. Community is music. Community is politics and, like everything, too often it is economics. Community is realising your privilege or your lack of it. If you have it, community is about using your privilege for good.

Community is educating the next generation.

Community is the mistakes you make and those who help you make them.

Community is like-minded people, but it is also those with ideals far from your own.

Community is the media you are exposed to and the ideas you take forward. Increasingly, community is likes and comments and shares. Community is seeing what you choose to see and hearing what you choose to hear.

Travel. And when you do, bring pieces of a different community home with you. Let the culture you see humble you.

Community is religion and oftentimes race. However, community supersedes religion and it supersedes race. Community is the colour of your skin. It is every colour of skin.

Community is a feeling of belonging. Community should create a feeling of belonging.

Community is a responsibility for others. It ought to be a responsibility for all. Community is aiming for a fairer society. Community is saving those who have fallen to the bottom of our inegalitarian world.

Community should build bridges and not walls. Community is those who were born here, and it is those who seek refuge and asylum. Community requires empathy. It requires understanding. As it stands, the global community needs to abandon ostensible politics in order to facilitate a better future for all of humanity.

Community is standing up for what you believe in. Community is standing up for those who are unable to stand up for themselves.

Community is not ignoring what you know is right. Community is taking responsibility for the wrong you see in your world.

Community is global. Community is local. Change in the global community requires grassroots changes. Changes in the attitudes of nations. Community looks different all over the world. Community should be one world.

Decide what community looks like to you and understand that change begins with yourself.

Live a life that allows you to be proud of the community you create. Inspire others to do the same.

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